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27 June 2013 @ 12:41 am
a naive notion
jaejoong/junsu; 2,950
R (very briefly)
Jaejoong doesn't enjoy making things unnecessarily difficult for himself, yet he manages spectacularly anyway.
Belated birthday fic for thevirginia! Yay for getting old? This is weirdly fluffy, I'm a little embarrassed. But Jaejoong is an embarrassing being.

Can you not look at me for a bit so I can pretend I'm not here?Collapse )
31 March 2013 @ 12:19 am
to those who wait
jaejoong/junsu; 4,825
Jaejoong copes using alcohol and Junsu.
Yup, I still exist. There's lots of references in this fic to things that actually happened in real life, but I know I definitely screwed up the timeline for them. Oh well.

It took 10 years for Jaejoong to kiss Junsu.Collapse )
taste for something new
jaejoong/junsu; 5,397
AU. junsu meets a boy.
YEAH I'M STILL ALIVE. mostly starting fics instead of finishing them which is why, i guess, i go more than a year without posting. i seriously don't want to talk about how much trouble this fic has given me over the past year and a half. for that reason, i'm truly sorry if it blows chunks the same way this 3AM-conceived title blows chunks.

CODENAME: cupcake jaesuCollapse )
like this i love you, beloved.
jaejoong/junsu; 1,008
junsu's getting married and jaejoong needs something to make it through.
umm, this is not the jaesu i mentioned in my previous post. :( i've always wanted to write this scenario, but never really found the right tone for it. not even sure how i feel about this actually, buuut i hope it is at least satisfactory. title from pablo neruda's y porque el amor combate.

"I'm glad we can have one last scandalous, but romantic tryst in a church alley."Collapse )
a lesson in planned spontaneity (the crash course remix)
jaejoong/yunho; 3,434
NC17 (teacher/student roleplay)
written for very first round of kpop_ficmix! :) remix of yunho's the right kind of punishment. thank you to amanda and linda for the cheerleading, even if your cheerleading sometimes (often times) consisted of making fun of me. another thank you to linda for the nit-picking. ♥♥♥!

"You always talk to Yoochun about our sex life."Collapse )

i haven't posted jaesu since february, which i find unacceptable. hopefully the super nauseatingly gross jaesu i'm working on right now will go up soon. putting this footnote here so i can't cop out. :(